Friday, September 3, 2010

Conversations, Part Two

On the upper deck of a bus with Dhany, I start freaking out because the upper deck is crammed with people and the lower deck is relatively empty.  (I have a serious issue with structural security that way.)

Me:  "How good do you think the bus' centre of gravity is?  I mean, there are so many people on the top right now."

Dhany: "Chill.  I don't think anything is going to happen."

Me: "But it's so top heavy right now, it might just topple over."

Dhany:  "But you're top heavy and you don't fall down."

Online with Becky:

‪Me: ‬ ‪I only ever use uniball pens.  I am obsessed with uniball fine point pens because they are fine and waterproof and write like a dream.

‪Becky: ‬ ‪*tears a little* You have been trained well padawan. I too only use Uniball (specifically the Signo DX series in .38, in black or black blue), such is the mightiness of this Mitsubishi Pencil‬
Me: ‬ ‪YES‬.  *sniffles* Except sometimes I use 0.28.  Sorry jedi master... But sometimes my ways may deviate a little way from yours.

So here's my question to you guys:  Are any of you as obsessed with stationery as I am and do you have a must-have item?


berf said...

Dhany is so mean, I'll NEVER say such a thing. NEVER.

Anonymous said...

i like pilot g2. but my friends judge me for using that cos it's fat. but that is precisely why i like it. hah hah hah!!!


Shoe said...

Berf - Hahahah he wasn't being mean! I think it was a compliment... but I rest assured knowing that you have only nice things to say about me.... LIKE HOW I DON'T WRITE THINGS DOWN!!

NOTpang - Oh yes!! I used to use those in school because they write so quickly and smoothly and clearly for exams right?

I totally love the grip on those pens, you're right, the fatness helps!

Anonymous said...

i think its a compliment as well. mmmmmmm - t

Shoe said...

T - hahaha yes, it is exactly what you mean :P

Anonymous said...

yeahhhhh milky :P - t

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