Monday, September 6, 2010

Mixing prints, Volume Two: Stars and stripes

Before I start this post, I would like to announce something very exciting:  My mother, working in her overheated sweat shop with my whip on her back, has finally finished making all the jewellery for the giveaway!

She gave it to me to wear and test and I personally think it's really cute and unique.  I'm hoping you will too!  So check back in the next day or two because the giveaway will be up by then! 


For the longest time, I have been jonesing for a pussy-bow top.  I saw some beautiful ones in Topshop with butterflies and dragonflies on them, and right now, there seems to be a pussybow trend of sorts going on.  You can't click on Asos without stumbling on a shirt with some sort of bow detail at the neck.

The downside is that such dainty blouses come with a not so dainty price tag - the Topshop pussybow tunic alone was in the region of the seventies, if I remember correctly.  Certainly high enough that I wistfully put it back on the rack.

The other day however, I came upon a sudden idea - the D-I-Y pussybow! 

I simply used a cheap-ish, longitudinal scarf I'd recently bought, tucked it under my dress collar so the ends came out at the front and made a bow.  Viola, instant pussybow!

This probably seems really elementary to you, but I was hopping with excitement.  I mean imagine, now I can customise any shirt or dress with a collar and I can change the colours and prints according to my mood or other accessories.  I am beyond thrilled with this idea and plan to continue using it every time I want to lend a delicate touch to a slightly severe collared outfit.

Dress - Cineleisure booth.  Scarf  L'arc en ciel.  Flats - Mimosa.
Bag - my mother's.  Skinny belt - Marks and Spencers.  Bangle - Present.

Photos by Dhany

The last time I wore this dress, I wore it plain, with simple silver jewellery, so this time around, it was fun to put little accents like stars and a skinny belt on.

Also, how cute is my mother's smooshy Longchamp bag?  She's lending it to me for the time being, because she thinks it's too "young" for her (my mother looks nowhere near old) so until she changes her mind, I'm delighted to get the chance to use it.

I wore this look to go shopping - Sook was very kind to let Dhany and I into a special sale at which I bought a couple of really cute things - and it was comfortable and practical.

Thanks very much Sook!  You guys will probably get to see what I got soon-ish.  Till then, stay tuned for FREE JEWELLERY!



Other ways I've worn this dress:

Seeing stripes

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