Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Giveaway announcement!

I just had a fun night with Dhany and Rudi at the Night Safari.  We got rained on a little and couldn't watch the remainder of the animal show because apparently the animals cannot be exposed to rain (yet in the wild, they don't have little huts to shield them from monsoon storms?!).

However, most everything was out to play, from elephants to lions and even a tiny 120 gram tarsier.  Have you ever seen a tarsier?  Because if you haven't, get thee to the zoo and marvel at these wonders of nature.  We even saw the leopard stalking its enclosure not a foot from our faces.

Anyroad.  I just came online briefly to announce that the giveaway will be tomorrow!  (Or later today, that is, Tuesday afternoon-ish.)  

So stick around for contest rules and a look at what you could win!

Also as a teaser, these two pictures of my mother in the basement, working till her fingers bleed while my monkey minions flog her ceaselessly.

At this point, readers around the country (all five of them) are doing a double take.  Yes, that is my mother, no, I am not adopted, yes she is as Chinese at the Great Wall. 

Unfortunately, I did not inherit her pre-disposition to skinniness, but our shared love of coffee, jewellery and all things small and cute should be DNA enough.

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