Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Because Dhany and I do fight sometimes, subtitle: Why I hate tomatoes.

Dhany: "I just realised!"

Me:  "You just realised what??" 
Dhany:  "That you have tomatoes in your soup.  What has begotten the change?!  Have you realised their plump juicy sweetness and how they represent everything that's good about mother earth?"

Me:  "Um... I don't actually eat them. They're just there for flavour.  I leave them in the bottom
and toss them out."

Me: "HAHAHAHAHAHA oh, B!  You make me laugh!  That you think a single month in a foreign country could make me change my ironclad stance on the devil's spawn?!  HAH!  NEVER!!!!!! I fart in their general direction.

Me: "But in soup and pasta and pizza and roasted on sammich?  They are not bad."
Dhany:  "You won't be so arrogant when the apocalypse dawns and all that's left are cockroaches... AND TOMATOES.  Then you shall embrace them.  YOU WILL!"

Me:  "If the apocalypse dawns, B, and all that's left are roaches and tomatoes, has it occured to you that I WILL BE DEAD TOO??? HAHAAAAAAA.  SUCKA!  You can stay alive and eat cockroach-and-tomato sandwiches by yourself."

Dhany:  "Oh gladly i shall, and my kind will rule the new world while pooping a lot from the slimy fibre."

Me:  "Pft.  I hope you get feelers stuck in your teeth."

I know right? How dare he!  


Anonymous said...

hahah cockroach and tomato sandwiches..u guys are sick
- t

Shoe said...

Hahahha he's sick! Tomatoes... yuck! :P

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