Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here comes the sun

So, the craziness here continues!

It has been sad and cloudy every single day recently, so I revel in the slightest bursts of occasional sunshine and run out like a lunatic to loll around.  (Even though the sunny, cloudless days are far colder than the rainy ones.)

This secret bench outside my dorm is surrounded by a little circlet of greenery, perfect for reading or picnics except for the fact that it is covered in slimy moss and scattered trash.  When I went there, there was even a little teacup off to the side in the grass and I thought it whimsical that someone might have had a tea party there until I realised they were probably drunk or high.

Oh well. 

Blouse - H and M.  Pants - Zara.  Belt - Primark. 
Shoes - France.  Necklace - Made by my mother.
Tube scarf - Present from Dhany the Tomato-eater.

Estimated temperature - 12 degrees. (I know it's odd I'm romping around in shirtsleeves in 12, but you try setting a camera timer and running back and forth like a crazed person and tell me you don't get warm doing it.)

I love this polka dotted blouse I got for about seven pounds from H and M.  Big dots somehow lend a completely different vibe from little ones, less vintage and more whimsical I feel.  I also enjoyed spending the day in head to toe different shades of navy.

The Oxford with surprisingly high heels are one of my favourite pair of shoes.  I wear them punishingly and yet they've stayed intact and are very comfortable.  I somehow like them even more like this, all scuffed up with grass and mud and the good, sweet-smelling outdoors.  (I don't so much like trying to get the mud out of the carpet afterwards.)

Recently I've been hearing from lots of people I've never met before on here, people with similar interests and wonderful blogs!  I'll be putting up some of their links in a sidebar so you can check them out, but what I really wanted to say was how much I enjoy hearing from other bloggers from everywhere.  I just love it!

So if you're on here for the first time, or you're an old friend, or you feel like you'd just like to leave a comment, go ahead and say hi!  I really enjoy reading them, and I promise, I respond to every. Single.  One.


candy apples said...

The blouse and the Oxford... LOVE♥LOVE♥LOVE♥ haha


Jenni Wells said...

I have that same h&m blouse! I haven't worn mine yet but you have really inspired me to. I love how you wore it!!

Shoe said...

Awww thanks Ai! Oxfords with heels are really cute, I always think!

Thanks Jenni! OOH it's a great blouse, you're going to have so much fun with it!

hiven said...

lovely colours x hivennn.

Shoe said...

Thanks very much :D

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