Monday, November 15, 2010

High school lover

As we were out jipping and skumping through the fall leaves (love the crazy colours!), I realised that Shriya was actually wearing a really cute outfit. 

Many people try to do the tribute to school uniform thing, but I find that it either comes out looking too literal or overly slutty.  Come on, guys, I know you like it, but I for one did not go to a school with plaid miniskirts, knee high socks and white shirts tied at the midriff.  Let's be a little more realistic, shall we?

I thought, however, that Shriya did a great job.

Umbrella - Tesco.  Coat and skirt - Primark.  Shoes - Aldo.
Necklace - Claire's.  I forget where everything else is from, but 
I'll put it in as soon as I do know.

Estimated temperature: 11 degrees.
I particularly love the coffee-coloured coat's subtle print with the plaid of the skirt.  The toned down shoes stop the look from being too cutesy or costumey.

(I have to say, the only reason why the countryside is looking so lush and juicy is because it was raining like crazy, but as you can tell, Shriya is not above Singing in the Rain.  I also must tell you that this shoot was amazing because both Shriya and Anjuly (who was walking as well) were super co-operative and willing.  Anjuly held all kinds of bags and an umbrella over my head, and Shriya willingly twirled in the soggy leaves three times.  Most people think I'm crazy taking pictures of my clothes, so to meet two people with such dedication was a real treat!)

Also of note, the adorable necklace she had on, from where else but Claire's?

I'm not particularly fond of the drizzle, but I have to say that Fall is pretty and a happy medium between blazing summer and freezing winter.  I'm not sure what we'll do once extreme cold and snow roll around!


candy apples said...

Where did you take these photos? All the leaves are gorgeous!!! And tell your friend I love her style and her necklace♥


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow! Such a beautiful place!! I love your smile and your happy attitude really shows! xxoxxooo

Shoe said...

Thanks Ai! Would you believe most of my photos so far have been taken on campus, just behind dorms and stuff? It's amazingly picturesque here!

Thanks Fashion Cappucino, I'll let Shriya know, she's really THAT bubbly in real life!

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