Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The red light in the gloaming

Light is an interesting animal.  Here, it hits the glowy golden peak of afternoon, then suddenly takes on a crimson cast.  Everything looks redder than before, as if the falling leaves have stained the sky.

This particular day, rain threatened so I wore my new wellies out and cavorted in the gloaming.

A word about these beauties: I personally feel that wellies are all weather wear.  I think they work here in grey drizzle or in snow, and I think they would work back home too, with shorts or a dress on a torrentially rainy weekend.

I know that people wearing boots in Singapore are often given vile looks as if they've broken religious tenets and jokes containing the word "Alaska" are tossed around.  But honestly, if you are the kind of person whose feet don't get hot, why shouldn't you wear whatever footwear you choose?

I was particularly proud of finding these candy-coloured rainboots for 39 pounds at United Colours of Benetton.  I know there was a Hunter craze some years back (and many girls still look to Hunter as the boot of choice) but I cannot abide by paying over a hundred pounds for something that serves the same purpose as the yellow boots on construction sites just for that little white tag on the front saying "Hunter".  (If you look up the website, you'll also see odd wellies with fur rims.  I mean, come on.)

Kimono top - Stall at Marine Parade.  Shorts - DIY from Series jeans.
Tights - Marks and Sparks.  Wellies - United Colours of Benetton.
Cuff - School bazaar.  Earrings - Camden.

Estimated temperature: 11 degrees (obvs, I threw a coat on top).
I previously wore this gauzy kimono top with jeggings but I thought they went pretty nicely with the wellies this time round. 

I'm beginning to realise the wing earrings should probably be facing inwards, but I am a bit stupid this way and won't notice these things if you showed them to me on a platter.  Example, I have frequently shown up to school or work wearing my shirts inside out, and won't realise it until someone tactfully pulls me aside after lunch.  Luckily, visible seams are having a trendy moment.

I'm really enjoying taking pictures in the not-so-wild outdoors, and I hope you're enjoying looking at them.  You cannot imagine how mucky my wellies and the knees of my tights got - I was frequently treading on clods of dirt in my room afterwards - but you know, as they say, if you can't be a pig, um... get out of the pen.  Or something.


Other ways I've worn this blouse:

You really should, you know


candy apples said...

Love the colors in these photos! Love your bracelet too :)


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I always think wellies are so fun to wear! It makes me feel like a kid when I wear them! I adore your photos and you look beautiful! xoxoxoo

Jen said...

I love your wellies ;)

Visit my new blog :D

Allergic to Vanilla said...

these shots are so great, the autumn leaves are so beautiful! And your wellies are perfect, the color is divine..:)
xo Carlina

Shoe said...

Thanks Ai! It was only 2pound 50, from a small stall in school!

@Fashion Cappucino - Yay I'm glad someone agrees on the wellies, and aww, thanks for your comment :)

Thanks Jen, I'll definitely drop by!

I'm really enjoying autumn (and the candy coloured boots)! Thanks for stopping by, Carlina!

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