Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An award! Whee!

 Thanks, Ai!!

Ai, who runs a great blog called Candy Apples recently gave me this award on her blog.  It's my first ever award and I came back from a short holiday before the start of school to find it and I was utterly thrilled!
As I understand, the rule is that you're supposed to list seven things about yourself and pass the award on to seven other bloggers, so here goes:

1)  Once, for a very short time, I had a baby fruit bat for a pet.

2)  I can play the piano but am so abysmally bad at it that I failed my grade 5 examination and never heard from my teacher again.  (Yeah, so she moved to Canada, but still.)

3)  I agree with Ai on this:  I don't like milk!  But I'm terrified of getting osteoporosis so I disguise the taste of it in a daily latte.

4)  One of my favourite movies in the whole world is Psycho, the original Hitchcock version.  I guessed the twist in the end the first time I watched it, but I've since re-watched it at least ten times.

5)  One of my favourite songs in the world is Bohemian Rhapsody.  

6)  I am the oldest of three children.

7)  When I was a kid, my parents wanted to bring me up in a gender-stereotype-free way, so they made me play with toy cars and guns as well as Barbie dolls.  The dolls were always cast aside and I went for the guns and cars instead!

And now, the fun part, seven bloggers I think are amazing and stylish and different:

1)  Pam at Frou-frou - she has great retro style both in her outfit choices and in the photographs she takes.  I saw a post of her in a lovely full dress she wore and fell in love.

2)  Dot at D For Dot - one of my favourite Singaporean bloggers with her pulse firmly on the fashion scene.

3)  Arianne and Bea at A Plus B In The Sea - Sure, A and B are cute, but the quality of the writing impresses me more than anything!

4)  Andriani at Hayano Handmade - Just click right over and look at the amazing handmade accessories she makes.  Enough said.

5)  Sam at Starbucks and a Girl - It is rare to find a girl who is both this fashionable and SO friggin' smart.

6)  Mel at Urban Jade - Her fashion choices are practical but cute and on top of everything, her amazingly fun personality is what made me think of her.

7)  Athena at Fashionista Looks - So far, I'm loving her dreamy pictures and the cute little accents in each outfit.

Hope you guys enjoy checking them out, and thanks again Ai!  I'm so excited!


arnique said...

Thanks, dear! I am so glad you like the way we write, it's something I work rather hard on. :D

Dottie said...

Hey :) Thanks much for the award. I am most flattered to be included!

andriani retno said...

thanks shoe for the award .. glad to accept this award.
and and i'll post asap :DDD

S and O said...

Oh that is great!
You totally deserve it :D


Shoe said...

@ S and O - Thanks so much!! That's really sweet of you to say :D

@ Arnique, Dotty and Andriani - My pleasure! I nominated you guys cos I love your blogs!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thank you my dear for the award! you totally made my week wayyy better. :)


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