Sunday, August 21, 2011

Picks of the week: Something a little different

When I initially started the "Picks of the week" tag, I intended for it to be a weekly posting, but to be honest, I don't come across that many things that are that different week to week and even more honestly, some of the very exciting blogs that I've just started read aren't fashion-related and wouldn't quite be on-topic or everybody's cup of tea.

Lately, however, I've found a few clothes-y blogs that are different in some ways and I wanted to share them with you guys! 

1)  What's in your bag Flickr

Picture from

If you're like me and love looking at what various people carry in their purses, then one page of some celebrity's purse at the back of a magazine won't quite do it for you. 

Check out this Flickr instead, which has literally thousands of pictures of what's in people's purses (or backpacks, or totes).  I can spend hours browsing it and looking slowly through what both men and women carry - it provides a really interesting glimpse into what real people carry, not what some celebrity needs to promote at any given moment. 

I'm always particularly interested in what notebooks/stationery they pack, what they're reading, and what they've got for a snack!

2)  Quirky Explosion

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I just love Lexy's blog - it's not quite like anything I've ever seen before.  She wears the craziest things and makes them all work - none of this mild "stripes and spots" pattern mixing here!  I remember her saying in one blog post that people sometimes see bold things and say "I wish I could carry that off", to which her response was "You totally can.  Just wear it."  

I completely agree, and the wild abandon with which she enjoys clothing makes this, for me, a real joy to read.  

Picture from

If you want something servicey and interesting, Patty's blog, The Snug Bug, is a beautiful collection of tips, sewing and pictures that really makes me wish I were more handy with a needle.

Check out some of her posts like this one on how to sew a zippered pouch, and maybe you'll end up being far more threadtastic than I am.  I can't sew to save my life, but I sure enjoy looking at other people do it!

4) College Fashion 
I wish, wish, wish that I had found this blog in my undergraduate days.  This e-zine is full of really helpful tips for building a trendy wardrobe around a student budget, decorating your dorm room and many more college-related things. 

For example, here's a handy post on how to look cute and comfy on moving in day.  And here's another great one on 3 stylish ways to wear hoodie, including those ugly school logo hoodies that I dislike intensely, but that they make look great!  Especially good for students, it's also handy for anybody on a budget as all their picks are relatively afforable.

5)  Corporette

At the other end of the spectrum from College Fashion, here's a blog for those going the high flying route with their degrees.  Apart from boasting lots of great but still conservative designer picks for those who work in business or law, it has some really helpful advice.

For example, how to deal with awkward Ramadan questions if you're fasting on the job (not such a big problem in Asia, but perhaps more so in other places) or how to look great on very little sleep after a big project.

6)  Thrifty Business

Picture from

Want to know how to achieve this designer necklace look for $15?  Then head on over to Thrifty Business where Anna puts together affordable and professional looking ensembles based on more expensive designer picks.  She shares my philosophy on why buy something extortionate when you can get a much more affordable likeness?   

I hope you've enjoyed this round of picks, and I hope to find more interesting and different sites to share in the near future.  And if you've seen other sites worth sharing, go ahead and let me know in the comments!  Tattybye!


the nyanzi report said...

interesting pictures. love the last one.


akjdhkah AH IT'S ME! Thank you oodles for you nice words! Totes made me unnaturally happy! :)

And I love your purse - and what's in it. I know what you mean - I looove seeing peoples' thingamajigs. I feel like it says a lot!

sarameugh said...

hey! this is my first time on your blog and i love it :)

I'm already subscribed to college fashion - it's great, but The SnugBug I will definitely check out! as my seweng needs a lot of improvement =\haha

Sara xx

sarameugh said...

hey! this is my first time on your blog and i love it :)

I'm already subscribed to college fashion - it's great, but The SnugBug I will definitely check out! as my seweng needs a lot of improvement =\haha

Sara xx

The Cat Hag said...

Lexy's blog is indeed super cool, love reading her posts too! :)

I just use hot rollers to curl my hair, or just wrap it around my ponytail and secure it with bobby pins if I am doing a bun.

The Cat Hag

Grace said...

They seem really nice!
Thanks for sharing lovely :)

Helen said...

great picks especially the bag one

Tori said...

Lovely post. I've bookmarked the flickr account (those bag contents would make pretty fine story prompts methinks) and the Snug Bug. Thank you!

menina elegante said...

I love the first girl!! All her patterns are adorable. :) x

Chari T said...

LOVELY POST!!!!!!!!!!!
Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

Fashionistable said...

A lovely round up of pics and introductions. Xxxx

Julia Lis said...

nice post

Margarida said...

Great post!
Kisses :)

Carla McCarthy said...

Thanks for stopping by!I like the posts, especially about the thrifty business!


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

I love your selection! x hivenn

Camille said...

lexi looks so cute! i'm definetely checking her blog out!

trishie said...

i love peeking into people's bags!

Lena said...

Lovely pics!

Marielleheart said...

It's cool the see what's inside bags haha!

Winnie said...

That flickr account satisfies my curiosity, I love 'what's in my bag' posts and I really should get round to doing another one of those some time!

aki! said...

I already follow corporette and college fashion! They're great blogs!

!♥ m i m i said...

Lovely picks! I adore Lexy as well. And seeing whats in ppl's bags is always interesting.


Blue said...

I LOVE whats in your bag features... I'll definitely check out some of these blogs!

Camille said...

i forgot to tell you: there's a new Minutiae going on! this one is about braids! let's participate!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

cute necklace

Shirley said...

great post!
u have such a lovely blog here!

Jenni Wells - Stop Making Sense said...

Great suggestions! Sorry I have been so absent recently. Blogging just hasn't made it's way into my list of priorities. Life is slowing down so I'm back!!

Sarah said...

So... you should blog s'more because I would like to read it. (:

aki! said...

You've probably been busy, but I also wanted you to know that I tagged you for a blog award. Check it out!

naiad said...

great post-tha necklace is awesome but i really liked the first girl and her colourful outfit
keep posting

Sick by Trend said...

Love that yellow skirt :)



I love posts like this, mostly makes me find new read-worthy blogs!
I'm still in school, I'm not sure what I am like. I'm always taken for a bitch but I always come up and talk to new kids and stand my ground for bullied kids so I guess I'm average! But about 5 years ago I got bullied myself, because of my nose and stuff :(


Anonymous said...

Lovely post, great pictures.

Ellinor Forje said...

That yellow skirt is to be had. You've prolonged the summer with your colour combinations. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

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